Located in the city center, but Casa Spa is separated from the noisy and bustling atmosphere, opening a quiet and gentle space.

Customers coming to Casa Spa will be entered in a rustic, simple but no less luxurious way, alternating between modern and classic.

With about 20 technicians who are 100% recruited and trained by Casa Spa, the quality of workmanship is according to international standards, so it can satisfy all discerning and fastidious guests at home and abroad. Therefore, Casa Spa is considered one of the Best Spas in Nha Trang.

Besides, Casa Spa in Portuguese means house. And when it comes to home, we all want to go back, rest and reset our bodies. Therefore, Casa Spa wants to give customers a service experience like being in their own home.



The staff from the front desk to the technicians at Casa Spa are thoroughly trained from reception, advice and support before, during and after you use the service.

With many years of experience in the profession, enthusiasm and responsibility, we ensure that all staff at Casa will serve you in the most professional manner.


Price list


Casa Relaxing Foot Massage

  • 330.000 vnđ/ 1hr
  • 450.000 vnđ/1.5hr
  • 580.000 vnđ/2hr

Aromatherapy Body Massage

  • 370.000 vnđ/1hr
  • 530.000 vnđ/1.5hr
  • 670.000 vnđ/2hr

Casa Body Massage

  • 560.000 vnđ/1.5hr
  • 690.000 vnđ/ 2hr

Hot stone Body Massage

  • 560.000 vnđ/ 1.5hr
  • 690.000 vnđ/ 2Hr


Casa Relaxing Facial Treatment With Natural Mask

  • 390.000 vnđ/ 1hr

Deep Hydrating Facial Treatment

  • 390.000 vnđ/ 1hr

Acne/ Oily Skin Treatment

  • 500.000 vnđ/ 1.5hr

Collagen Facial Treatment With Special Mask

( Using Omega light machine )

  • 500.000 vnđ/ 1.5hr

Skin Rejunervate Treatment With Salmon DNA

  • 500.000 vnđ/ 1.5hr


Casa Basic Manicure                                                                       

  • 170.000 vnđ

Casa Basic Pedicure                                                             

  •  190.000 vnđ

Casa Basic Manicure & Pedicure                                             

  • 310.000 vnđ

Casa Gel Manicure                                                                               

  •  240.000 vnđ

Casa Gel Pedicure                                                                             

  • 260.000 vnđ

Casa Gel Manicure & Pedicure                                                         

  • 480.000 vnđ 

Casa gel manicure & pedicure                                                         

  • 110.000 vnđ 

Kid basic manicure & pedicure                                                      

  • 210.000 vnđ 

Kid basic manicure                                                         

  • 170.000 vnđ 

Chăm sóc móng tay và chân trẻ em với sơn gel                                                      

  • 320.000 vnđ 

Gel nail remove              

  • 80.000 vnđ

Heel Scraping

  • 290.000 vnđ

Nail Art Design                                                                                                               

  • 10.000 – 200.000 vnđ/ngón

Actual picture

Feel the difference when coming to the leading beauty system Casa Spa