The skin is the largest organ of the body, it plays an important role as an armor that protects all internal organs. Our skin daily has to fight with thousands of harmful agents such as sunlight (UV rays, ultraviolet rays), dirt, car smoke, bacteria hidden in the air ... This is one of the reasons. skin with acne, melasma, freckles, and countless other diseases.

Especially the face is the brightest "façade" position of both men and women, so it deserves to be cherished and cared for every day. Dermatologists advise that: "In addition to home skin care, women and men should go to a facial spa once a month to maintain healthy, disease-free skin."

Advantages when choosing facial care at Casa Spa

  • Slow down the aging process
  • Cleans dirt, dead cells clinging deep inside, detoxifies the skin.
  • Provides nutrition to the deepest layer of the skin.
  • The skin is massaged with blood circulation.
  • Nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin more easily, helping to keep the skin full of nutrients, moisture, and healthy.
  • Supported by modern machinery and equipment.
  • Helps you reduce stress, relax more after a tiring working day.

In addition, with the support of technology and skilled hands of technicians, the skin care service at Casa Spa is highly effective and clearly visible after the end of the course.

Along with the benefits of going to the facial spa mentioned above, it has helped us to feel somewhat safe when choosing to use a facial treatment at Casa. And according to the advice of experts, it is recommended to go to a facial spa once a month to upgrade your skin to be more beautiful every day.

Effective facial treatments at Casa Spa.

Currently, each Spa offers customers a variety of skin care services corresponding to each skin condition and each person's needs. And Casa Spa is no exception, currently Casa Spa has skin care services such as:

Relaxing Facial Treatment With Natural Mask


Deep Hydrating Facial Treatment

This is a skin care service with the purpose of moisturizing for dry and flaky skin types due to lack of water. The treatment is carried out meticulously step by step with the participation of regenerative serums, red bean masks with the support of various types of biological light projection technology, electrical equipment to reduce swelling and anti-inflammatory. At the end of the treatment, the skin will become shiny, soft and healthy bright.

Acne/ Oily Skin Treatment


Collagen Facial Treatment With Special Mask

( Using Omega light machine )

With strong light, capable of radiating heat to help soften skin and gradually open pores, suitable for deep penetration of cosmetics and nutrients into the skin, helping the skin to absorb nutrients faster, thus stimulating the ability to regenerate. Create collagen, heal skin problems quickly.

In addition, the course of using the Omega lamp system helps to erase wrinkles, crow's feet on the skin, helps the skin to rejuvenate, stimulates collagen production to make the skin firm and smooth.

Skin Rejunervate Treatment With Salmon DNA

This service will probably be very familiar to many beauty lovers, although it is a popular procedure for a long time. Because of the immediate effects and effects of the treatment, it is interesting to choose. DNA essence contains a lot of Vitamins A, D, omega 3, protein and fatty acids, .. helps skin smooth, overcome conditions roughness, growth of skin cells, restoration of damaged skin cells and regeneration of new skin to prevent aging, formation of wrinkles, etc. Besides, the process also supports to fade melasma, freckles, The skin is even and shiny immediately after the treatment. When coming to Casa Spa to use the high-class skin rejuvenation treatment using salmon DNA essence, after the end of the process, the customer will see the smooth and shiny skin. membrane, the skin is bright white tone, micro-pores and fades dark patches of skin, melasma is extremely good.

Through this article, you can see that choosing to go to a facial spa every month is really good for our skin. It is both a way to help you upgrade your skin to be smooth, white and healthy, while preventing skin pathological problems. And all of the above services are skin care services at Casa Spa that are being used the most by domestic and foreign customers.

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